Monday, January 30, 2012

Uncertainty at Its Finest

I believe an apology is well overdue, my dear followers. I have been dreadfully inconsistent and horribly inconsiderate in this blogging thing. I know most of you have been waiting in great anticipation for my next post. Blood, sweat, tears and all.

The reason for my inconsistency is this: My life has been showing EXTREME cases of uncertainty as of late. Everything has been whirling about without stopping, overwhelming me with stress and worry. Right now, I'm trying to get back on track with my piles of schoolwork and the million and one other things I have to do.

So, please. Accept my apology. I'm sure many of you understand my situation.

And if you can't stand how slow my posts come, you can do one of two things.

Unfollow my blog, which will sadden me but give you your life back.


Continue to follow me and give me suggestions of what kind of posts YOU would like to see from me. I'll be happy to oblige to anything. Well.... ALMOST anything. ;) If you do this, it'll keep me more motivated to actually log onto the blogging world and entertain your waiting minds.

All that being said, I'd better be off to conquer this mountain of work I have! To those of you who decide to leave, farewell. To the rest of you, I love you all!! You make me beyond happy! ^_^



  1. Keep blogging! All I have as suggestion for you is to surprise us with your posts! I love surprises :D

    Keep it 'real', girl!


  2. Lots of pictures of you and our daily life, Julia. :) That's my favourite thing to read about. And orchestra. ;)


  3. Awe, that's okay. I'm like that A TON as well. ;) It's hard...but honestly, you can write about anything (well, like you said, ALMOST anything)! I know that's vague, and it probably won't help you much, but take it from me, I love reading your blog and pretty much anything you have or want to say! :)

    Keep blogging! Just whatever you feel like writing. Oh, and a few pictures here and there might be add some colors. ;)

    God bless you! <3


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