Bucket of Dreams

Or, in short, a bucket list. Yes, I have decided to be *very* original and make my own bucket list. But I'm calling it my "Bucket of Dreams" because that's really what it is. All of my hopes and dreams tossed into one giant bucket. That one.

Epic, no? Well then, to begin with the list of all lists. I have quite a long and breathtaking one with very highfetched dreams, but this is me. Don't expect me to change.

1. Find "the one"
2. Go on a trip to Kansas (check x2)
3. Travel to Ireland (this needs to happen... like, soon.)
6. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy (working on it)
7. Finish my 2nd novel (done)
8. Become a published author
9. Complete all 10 levels of piano (kinda)
13. Learn to play the cello
14. Read all the books on my shelf
15. Take a trip to Alaska (check x2)
16. Meet a famous author (done)
17. Own a grand piano
18. Learn the guitar
19. Own a bookstore
21. Write 50,000 words in a month (check!)
22. Solve a Rubic's cube
23. Read through the entire Bible
24. Write a successful poem
25. Own my own laptop (yep... done)
26. Watch all the Doctor Who seasons (check)
29. See the Northern lights (yeppers)
30. Meet Mr. and Mrs. S, two of my favourite people in the world. (check x2 ^_^)
31. Go for a month without wheat, dairy, or sugar (my body's 3 worst enemies). (done a billion times over)
32. Meet a large group of the craziest and most amazing people on earth (aka OYANers ;)) (yeah, this happened a couple times now)
33. Critique someone's entire novel.
34. Attend a concert of someone famous. (doooone)
35. Tell someone in person about God. (I'm pretty sure)

NOTE: More will be added to the blanks later.