Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekend Glories

The weekend is a national weekly holiday that the majority of the world celebrates. Kids, teens, and young adults all over the world tremble in their socks and glance in anticipation at the wall clock as the minutes tick by, the hands dragging past each number, the second hand announcing the agony they all feel. Feet tap, hearts pound, and palms sweat, as each child, young or small, public schooled or homeschooled, counts down the minutes to freedom. Their pencils stroke the paper laid before them with a ferocity that drives the led down to a pulp. Their hands shake as they struggle to focus their minds on their impending doom. Page after page fills with their most feared enemy. The Homework. Homework they wish they could forget. Homework they wish they could dash to the rocks forever.

The ticking of the clock grows louder. The agony hits harder. Sweat builds up. Every eye glances about the room, waiting. Waiting for the drone of the teacher's voice to cease. Waiting for the clock to stop ticking with such violence. Waiting for the bell that will announce their two-day leap to freedom.

And then it comes. Like the pain that accompanies torture, the final minute ticks down. Every pencil pauses in its mad scrawl across the paper underneath. Every student stares up at that clock of torment, back erect, breath held. The teacher, too, pauses for but a slight moment, if only to prepare herself for what will happen next.

The seconds die down. The ticking fades away. All that can be heard is the monotone melody of the bell and the whooping and laughter of the children as they abandon their books, zip up their coats, shout a goodbye to their relieved-looking teacher, and whip out the door. They slip into parents' cars or race down the streets to their homes, smiles proclaiming their joy to every viewer. Their hands wave in the air as they leave the gloom of the schoolgrounds behind for what they hope to be forever.

But they know it can't last forever. They know that in two days' time, they will have to leave the glories of the weekend behind and return to school's drudgeries. They know that their precious two-day holiday of free time and family time will come to an end.

And all of a sudden, time seems to tick faster. It no longer creeps along, no longer torments students with its pace of misery. Now, students yearn for this more than anything. They pull at the hours with all the strength they can muster, willing the minutes into submission. But soon they give up, knowing that their time will only be wasted if they don't leave the clock be and seek for more worthwhile tasks.

Like adventure. And friends. And icecream. And even the little bit of sunshine that their unpredictable weather can afford to present.

They glory in the weekend. It's theirs to hold for the two days of wonder God gave them. And they won't be letting go too early.

Happy, happy weekend everyone!! :D I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you SO MUCH for your helpful comments. They were very encouraging! ^_^ Stay tuned for more posts! Posts of colour and intrigue and amazingness! I hope. ;)

Oh, by the way, what be your thoughts on the new layout of my blog? Personally, I like it, but I need to know what YOU think! Your input matters! More than you know. :)


  1. Haha! Love this post, girl! :) and it is soo amazing...the feeling of freedom XD :)

    I like the new layout too! I love your blog and I LOVE you! :D <3

    Keep up the great blogging!!!!! :) :)

    1. Thank you, Elisa!! :D I know, it's a wonderful feeling. ^_^

      Aww, thank you! Love you too! :) <3

  2. Great post, Julia!!! *huggles* LOVE the blog!!!!
    Your sis,


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