Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell, 2012.

It's New Year's Eve.

Oh, whoops, you already knew that? I'm sorry.

So, pretty much it's been an amazing year and I owe it all to God. ALL OF IT. Of course, a small percentage goes to my awesome friends and family. ;) But God is really the driving force behind everything that's happened.

True, there was a lot of bad stuff that happened. True, some of that bad stuff will be carried into the New Year and won't be fully forgotten for maybe the rest of my life. But there was also a lot of good stuff. Part of the good things were God helping me through the bad things and refusing to leave me. Even when hope seemed crushed by the giant weight of the world, He was there.

So I'm thankful. And happy. And hopefully content. And praying that God will grant me full contentment in not just the year to come, but the YEARS to come. Because it's really not about just one year, it's about all of them. Living our lives to serve God and be content with what He's blessed us with.

I'm thankful for the joys of Christmas and being reminded daily of God's purpose for coming to earth. To save us. To set us free from sin. And I'm thankful for everything God has taught me this year, even though it took pain and discomfort to go through it.

I'm thankful for my friends and the OYAN workshop and peace through the storms of life and Doctor Who and music and pillows to clutch and calm you when everything goes haywire. I'm thankful for books. And especially I'm thankful for writing and the ability to write. I'm blessed to possess this talent because without it, my life would not be so blessed with most of the other things.

Thank you, Lord.

And to everyone else, Happy New Year. May 2013 teach you a great many things and bring you everlasting joy, peace and love. And may you live to serve God each and every day, and be grateful for every blessing. Even the uncomfortable ones.


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