Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey again! Remember me?

Oh, my dear internet, how long will you deceive me?! Must you continue to torture me so? It is true, I'm afraid. My internet has been broken for quite some time, and is still out of order. I'm currently using someone else's internet, otherwise I wouldn't be posting. BUT we should be getting it fixed soon and then I'll be more consistent!

Unlike the weekend I talked about in the previous post, this last one has been extremely eventful! Saturday wasn't much to brag about. We did a ton of work. But Sunday was exciting! It started out early in the morning at church. It was my turn to play the hymns, which I had been practicing for ALL week, but I was still a little nervous. I got through all the songs with only a few minor mistakes, though! Happy! :D That had been my 3rd time playing in a morning service, though I had already played twice in our evening services.

As Thanksgiving was the next day, on Monday, (Canadian Thanksgiving, in case you were wondering), a lot of people had their Thanksgiving dinners on Sunday afternoon or evening, after church. My family and I had the priviledge of being invited to a friend's house for lunch/dinner. The food was delicious! Sadly, I forgot my camera and have no pictures to show you. :P

After a spendid dinner and a fabulous visit with our friends, we came back home, our stomachs full and our hearts warm. The only thing that wasn't so great was my head. I had a splitting headache and ended up dropping into bed at 5pm. I awoke again at 9:30, thinking it was morning, so I was utterly confused for the rest of the night.
After a restful sleep, I awoke to a school-less day. And what a glorious day it was. Not that I have anything against school, but it was wonderful to have a break. The sun was up, the sky was blue, and my heart was full of joy. Yet, we still had no internet. Thankfully, we have a Starbucks a 2-minute drive away from us, so my sister, Mom, and I whipped down there to use it for a couple hours.

And that was my weekend. Nothing too exciting, no pictures to share, not even a very colourful post. :( I guess I'm just not in a very creative mood. Which is odd for me. :P
Since this has been shorter, I thought I would share with you the introduction for a short story I'm writing. If all goes well, this story will be published along with a collection of other stories, poems, and artwork, which will all center around the theme of hope. I'm doing this with an online writer's forum that I'm a part of. We hope to raise funds to go towards the catastrophic disasters and the people who are going through these hard times.
My story is set in WWII, during a time of great hardship for a lot of Americans. It's only just over 1,000 words right now, but it should be 1500-2,000 words by the end. If you read this short excerpt, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think! :)

I stared at the crumpled letter lying in the corner, neglected by all in the room. Tears stung my eyes and I clenched my fists in anger. I glanced round at my family. Jerry sat in a numb state on the sofa, fixing his gaze on the ground. The half-empty coffee mug on the table left evidence of Mother's previous presence in the living room. I returned my gaze to the letter and shut my eyes, trying not to believe it, trying so hard to forget it. The delivery of the yellow telegram had dashed so many hopes to pieces. From the moment the officer placed it into Mother's hands till the time she opened it and began to read, I knew. The way her eyes pooled with tears before she even came to the fatal words. The way her gaze drifted towards the wall, her face growing pale and her grip on the paper loosening. My heart racing, I snatched the letter out of her hand and read it out loud, not believing at first. Not wanting to believe. My eyes scanned the words again. Walter Tarnika. Killed in action.


  1. Wow Julia! That is REALLY good! I'm not just saying that, it really is great! You should be a writer! :) Keep writing, and {blog} sharing!

  2. Wow, that was really good! I just know it'll get in! :)
    I sent in a story too! The one you helped me edit. :P


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