Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life is like a Bubble

The other day, I was watching my little sisters blowing bubbles. And they were the big kind. Not just the puny-sized, pop-almost-immediately kind of bubbles. These ones were huge. And they were pretty.

As I was watching these bubbles float around in the wind, a thought struck me. Life is like a bubble. Each bubble represents a person's life. No matter how big or small it is (even if it's a puny-sized one), it is significant and it represents something. Bubbles are beautiful. Life is beautiful. Inside these perfectly round spheres of substance is a beauty beyond compare. They may bump around for awhile, get tossed by the wind, clash into walls, be blown higher, but eventually they will have to find a landing place. Eventually, they will touch a surface and pop, having fulfilled their short-term goal in life. Every bubble has to pop. Every life has to end.

But then, that just leaves room for another, more beautiful bubble to emerge. New life. A new beginning. So, our lives are like bubbles. We last for a time, soaring high in the sky with wonderful dreams and aspirations inside of us, but we may or may not reach our intended goal. There will always be bumps in the road. A change in the wind. New dreams, new goals. Life is short. Maybe not as short as a bubble's, but I think you get the idea. And we need to soar while we can. Live and make a difference and give people inspirational thoughts. Just like the bubbles. Our lives may not be long enough to impact the entire world, but if we can just grab the attention of one or two people and help to change them for the better, if we can show them the life and the light of truth that rests inside of us, that will make our life worth living.

We don't live for ourselves. We never reach the destination that we thought we would reach in the beginning. Things move us and change us and we come to something far different, but something that is worth the pain and the stumbling blocks. It is far greater, and wholly rewarding.

Bubbles are amazing things, don't you think? Life is amazing. God is amazing. :)


  1. That was awesomes, sis! *huggles* :) Amen.


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